Biblical Teaching Vs. Science

  • I have been a man torn between two worlds: faith in God and the knowledge of science. I have heard scientific explanations of religion and theological explanations
    of science. As a child I put my faith in God.
  • As a young man I learned engineering, mathematics, and science. I earned three degrees from the Missouri University of Science and Technology and graduated with honors each time. I have studied the Bible for most of my life. For more than forty years I have been seeking truth in a world that contains a lot of conflicting information about the universe. This book contains enough scientific information about the universe to help each reader reach their own rational conclusions about the origins of the universe and all living things.
    • Where did the universe come from and why are we here?
    • Have accidents and random chance produced our universe and all living things or is our universe the workmanship of intelligent life?
  • Small children discover flowers, butterflies, and sunsets. They are easily convinced that God made the world and all the pretty things in it. Later in life science teachers begin to explain the universe in terms of science and random chance.
  • Random chance changes, survival of the fittest and billions and billions of years are the new ingredients for all living things. At first glance, billions and billions of stars and billions and billions of planets should able to produce exciting results in billions
    and billions of years.
  • Mr. Eye has taken a hard look at the current theories of how life first began. After much research he shares new insights into what it would really take to create life by random chance. He has done the mathematics and he urges you to read this book and examine the scientific evidence for creation.
Universe of Wonders